We design and manufacture technical parts for transportation industry

Green technology is in our DNA, we are acting for:

  • Energy Efficiency Transportation
  • Reduction of the amount of material
  • Recycled / recyclable material

We innovate in the field of all-aluminum honeycomb sandwich:

Aluminium honeycomb structure is widely used in the transportation industry. This technique consisting of separating two skins with a core which creates a more rigid structure with more stiffness for the same mass and inversely, it can be lighter for the same resistance.

In the past, these structures were limited to single plane shapes ; however through our techology we are able to apply this technique to multiple plane shapes.

Today, Halcyon is the only manufacturer capable to form sandwich with skin and honeycomb core in aluminum on complex shapes. This technology provides a new alternative to composites.

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We innovate in our production line:
incremental forming

In collaboration with Maupertuis Institut and Bretagne UGV, we have been able to make prototypes and small series by forming aluminum sheet with incremental forming technology. It resembles closely the benefits of the 3D printing and permits to form any metal sheet in shapes that traditional forming will not be able to or would be more expensive for small series. We can rapidly test different shapes and develop prototypes which closely resemble the end product our client desires.