Halcyon is expert in the field of complex aluminium honeycomb sandwich.

From the design phase to the industrialisation, we adapt your technical pieces to an aluminium sandwich solution.

The benefits of aluminium honeycomb structures :

  • +Mass gain on high-performance honeycomb structures
  • + Reduction of production costs
  • + Adaptable process: From prototypes to large series.
  • + Innovation for 3D complex shapes.
  • + Recyclability of the aluminium honeycomb sandwiches.

We innovate in the field of aluminium honeycomb structures :

The pieces we produce are made of aluminium sheets bonded on a lighter material which is aluminium honeycomb, such structures have high mechanical properties and present an interesting lightness.

Simple and plane aluminium sandwich are already used in the transportation industry. Today, Halcyon propose this lightgtening solution for your complex and 3D pieces. Indeed, Halcyon has a patent to form aluminium honeycomb, therefore every geometry is adaptable to aluminium sandwich.

Thanks to Halcyon's know-how on forming or manufacturing aluminium honeycomb, your complex pieces are adaptable to our process. For our clients, we already work on cylindric, conical or with double curvature shapes pieces.

Today, Halcyon is the only industrial capable of forming complex sandwichs structures with aluminium sheets and aluminium honeycomb core. This innovation is an alternative solution to fiber composite materials : Halcyon's structures are recyclable and production costs are more interesting.

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Incremental forming on aluminium sheets

Halcyon is an expert on incrémental forming. This method of spin-forming in an alternative to stamping.

Both incremental forming and aluminium honeycomb forming allow Halcyon to provide finished products to his clients. The expertise in entirely internal to the compagny.

Incremental forming is also interesting for cheaper prototyping.

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