Aluminium sandwiches: very good resistance to buckling

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May 23, 2019
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May 6, 2021

Aluminium sandwiches: very good resistance to buckling

Halcyon conducted a basic test campaign to characterise our flagship material: the 100% aluminium sandwich.

Indeed, within the framework of a project supported by the CNES, specimens of our production were tested in buckling, 4-point bending, tension and compression

The results are very good, particularly for buckling and for the geometry of the specimens considered. Indeed, the buckling reaction of a material is very dependent on the geometry of the part considered.

It was noted that for specimens with 1.5mm thick sheets and a 20mm honeycomb, with the geometry defined on the images, the force at break is 78kN: 7800kg can be applied to the edge of the part before it breaks! 7800kg is 100 people on a 15x10cm specimen!

The results are very good for the other tests such as 4-point bending, tension and compression and show an optimal bond between the honeycomb and the sheets. Moreover, unlike a fibre part (glass or carbon) the honeycomb is not brittle but: even if the mechanical characteristics deteriorate at “breakage”, the part still retains some stiffness while deforming.

Thanks to these tests, Halcyon improves its technical proposals. Our goal is to offer you parts with the best weight/performance ratio

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