Halcyon proposes his expertise on every fabrication phase:

- Design : to adapt your piece to a solution in aluminium honeycomb sandwich.

- Simulation : to check the mechanical, thermal or acoustics properties of the piece.

- Design and realisation of the tooling for the manufacturing phase.

- Production of your piece.

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RAilway Rolling stock - interior

The product : Passenger seat back.

The current solution : welded assembly with aluminium casing and steel stiffeners.

Halcyon's solution : a single piece in formed aluminium honeycomb sandwich.

The benefits for the user:

Simplified assembly

Multifunction : a single aesthetic and structural piece

45% of mass reduction


Aircraft - interior

The product : Business class seat casing

The current solution : prepreg fiber composite with aramid core.

Halcyon's solution : a single formed honeycomb sandwich, using incremental forming for the sheets.

The benefits for the customer:

Efficiency of the production line


Fire/Smokes requirements

Halcyon challenges his know-how to realise a car wheel

Our technology and know-how can be used in lots of various sectors. it is important to look for the pieces whose impact on mass gain is the most profitable : Reduction of rotating mass has a direct impact on the kinematic chain of the car.

Increase acceleration

Reduction of stoping distance

Improve the car control

Reduce the fuel consumption.