Halcyon was at the ID4You Exhibition !

Last week, Halcyon attended the ID4You Exhibition in Rennes (France) !

This Exhibition was organised by EXELCAR, ID4car and PSA Groupe and gathered professionals of the automotive industry.

There, Halcyon displayed its latest innovations !

  • The first surf in aluminium honeycomb, and wood, designed to be eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. This product is to be product in medium series for the compagny Utopik.
  • A prototype of Payload Adapter System. This conical structure entirely in aluminium, was designed for the space industry. This piece is to support satellite on space launchers.

Halcyon was present essentially in order to display its solutions for the automotive industry :

  • Halcyon has designed a car wheel in aluminium honeycomb in 2015 and won the Midest innovation Award !
  • Today, Halcyon is working on a larger scale with ID4Car : the development of a car roof in aluminium sandwich. The main advantage of aluminium honeycomb structures is that it creates structural and esthetical pieces : stiffeners or traverses designed to reinforce the structure are not needed anymore. For this project, Halcyon shows that its process is adaptable to large series.

If you are interested in our expertise in the automotive industry, feel free to contact us ! We will be pleased to help you design the best solution according to your needs.


    • Gwenaël Picaut says:

      Thank you for your message. Feel free to contact us for any need. (contact@halcyon-performance.com)

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